A very special moment

April 10, 2013

8:00 PM EDT


This picture speaks to what kind of a team the NY Rangers are and have been all year!  At the centre of the picture and this moment is Kashawn Aitcheson,  He has been one of the team’s big fans.

Kashawn is a 6yr old and he plays on a novice team, the ‘Kelway Krush’. They play out of Ted Reeve Arena in the upper beach area. The Rangers decided it was time to show Kashawn that they appreciated his love of the game and his support. So…. they showed up at his league championship game.  They rallied around and cheered for his team, met with the team and posed for this picture.

Well, Kash’s team won and became the Champions (beat a team they had not defeated previously).  It is easy to say the North York Rangers Jr A players have altered the life of this fan, forever.

What more can we as fans of the team and the game say other than……. “Character”

Nice, boys, Nice!

Thanks for a great run this season