NYR Rookie Camp Rosters/Schedule

April 14, 2015

6:48 PM EDT

North York Rangers Jr. ‘A’ Rookie Camp Information

Camp Schedule

* Please arrive at minimum an hour before scheduled games/sessions for registration

Wednesday April 15th Goalie Assessment Goulding Park Community Centre

Session 1        Session 2

6:00-8:00PM   8:00-10:00PM

* All Goalies will be informed whether they’ll move on to Rookie Camp

Thursday April 16th Games Goulding Park Community Centre

Game 1          Game 2          Game 3

6:00-7:30PM   7:45-9:15PM    9:30-11:00PM

Team 1 vs Team 2; Team 3 vs Team 4; Team 5 vs Team 2

Friday April 17th Games Herbert Carnegie Centennial

Game 1; Game 2; Game 3

6:00-7:30PM; 7:45-9:15PM; 9:30-11:00PM

Team 1 vs Team 5; Team 3 vs Team 2; Team 5 vs Team 4

Saturday April 18th Games Herbert Carnegie Centennial

Game 1; Game 2; Game 3

10:00-11:30AM; 12:00-1:30PM; 2:00-3;30PM

Team 1 vs Team 4; Team 3 vs Team 5; Team 2 vs Team 4

* All players will be informed immediately following their game concerning Main Camp

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