Toronto Jr. Canadiens blows out North York, 5-1

December 6, 2014

4:57 PM EST

The Toronto Jr. Canadiens Junior Canadiens were firing on all cylinders against the North York Rangers, and when the final buzzer sounded Junior Canadiens emerged with a 5-1 win.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens’ Daniel Lopapa was a brick wall in net, as he came up with 34 saves and let only one puck past him. The solid play of Lopapa will be reflected in his goals against average, which pre-game was 2.91.

The Junior Canadiens were led by Matthew Ferrari, who tallied one goal. Ferrari scored 17:57 into the first period to make the score 2-0 Toronto Jr. Canadiens. Justin Maiolinoprovided the assist.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens’ penalty kill was spotless, allowing no goals on three North York power plays. North York was unable to stop the Junior Canadiens from sending pucks towards the net, and Toronto Jr. Canadiens eventually piled up 37 shots on goal.

Others who scored for Toronto Jr. Canadiens included Anthony Repaci, who had two and Andrew Pucci and Anthony Trujillo, who each put in one. In addition, Toronto Jr. Canadiens received assists from Cody Symonds, Adam DeLuca, Sal Filice, and Nicholas Jarzabek, who contributed one each and Ryan MacSpadyen and Aaron Spivak, who each chipped in two.

The Rangers excelled on the penalty kill, not giving up a single goal in four chances. North York did not reach the goal total it has come to expect this season. The Rangers average 3.6 goals per game. North York’s offense rang up 35 shots on the Junior Canadiens’ net.

The Rangers were led by Jake Harris, who scored the team’s only goal. Harris scored 11:37 into the second period to make the score 3-1 Toronto Jr. Canadiens. Kyle Clarke picked up the assist.

Toronto Jr. Canadiens incurred eight minutes in penalty time with four minors. Evgueni Makarski recorded 32 saves for North York. The Rangers incurred 10 minutes in penalty time with five minors.